Introducing the new competitive intelligence tools

NewSEOprofiler is a complete SEO software suite that offers all the tools that you need to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. Among tools for web page optimization, ranking checks, link building, keyword research and website submission, SEOprofiler also offers powerful competitive intelligence tools.

We have greatly improved the competitive intelligence tools in SEOprofiler so that you get an unfair advantage over your competitors. With SEOprofiler, you can:

SEOprofiler offers you a complete competitive intelligence solution in one inexpensive tool. Other services enable you to spy on the Google rankings of a website, others offer AdWords insight or backlink research. All of them require you to pay more than SEOprofiler’s monthly fee. With SEOprofiler, you get a complete and sophisticated solution.

Spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors

Spying on the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors can help you to improve your own advertising campaigns. With an optimized Google AdWords campaign, you will get more targeted visitors, better click-through rates and a higher return-on-investment.

1. Keyword spy: get the Google AdWords keywords of your competitors

The new Google AdWords spy tool in SEOprofiler shows you the keywords for which your competitors advertise on Google. You will get a detailed list with a lot of useful information:

keyword spy

By default, you get 50 rows in each result table. Click the “View more…” link below the table to get more results that will be appended to the table. Alternatively, you can download a CSV file with the full data set.

Click on a keyword in the list to see the competitor ad that we found for the keyword.

2. Ad copy spy: which ads are used by your competitors

The Google AdWords spy tool also shows you which ads your competitor uses and for which keywords your competitors uses the ads:

ad copy spy

3. Spy on the landing pages: get higher conversion rates

SEOprofiler shows you the landing pages that your competitors use. Landing pages that are used for multiple keywords probably have a higher conversion rate than other landing pages. Analyze these landing pages to get new ideas on how to improve the conversion rate of your own landing pages: landing pages

Click on a landing page URL to preview the landing page.

4. Ad title spy: which claims work best?

Analyzing the ad titles of your competitors can help you to find the headlines that work best. Ad titles that are used very often probably have a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than other titles.

ad title spy

5. Spy on ad descriptions: popular descriptions get more clicks

The Google AdWords spy tool in SEOprofiler sorts the descriptions by popularity. Descriptions that uses for multiple ads might work better than others.

ad description spy

6. Spy on even more competitors: get an unfair advantage

The websites that compete for the same keywords on Google AdWords can give you further ideas for your own ads and keywords. Analyze these websites to get further insights.

competitor spy

Get data from 15 different countries

The countries in which your competitors advertise can be an indicator for possible markets for your own products. SEOprofiler analyzes the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors in 15 countries:

keyword spy

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Spy on the organic Google rankings of your competitors

The competitive intelligence tools in SEOprofiler also enable you to spy on the organic Google rankings of your competitors. You get the keywords, pages, competitors and regions:

keyword spy

You can quickly see the pages that have high rankings:

landing pages spy

Find other websites that compete for the same keywords:

organic rankings competitors

Find out how your competitors are listed in 15 different countries:

ranking spy countries

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Spy on the backlinks of your competitors

Of course, SEOprofiler also enables you to spy on the backlinks of your competitors. The backlink spy tool in SEOprofiler gives you a detailed analysis of the backlinks that point to your competitors.

1. Get an overview of the linking countries, the newest links and trusted top level domains

To get a first overview, the backlink spy tool in SEOprofiles shows you the countries from which the analyzed website gets the most backlinks. You will also the newest links to the site and trusted top level domains that link to the site:

backlink countries

backlink countries

2. A detailed overview of the anchor texts

The anchor texts that are used to your competitors can be an indicator for the keywords for which the website has high rankings. If your competitor has an unusual anchor text profile then this can be an indicator of spamming.


3. Get the strongest pages of your competitors

The pages that have the most backlinks are usually the pages with the most important content. Analyzing these pages can help you to get new ideas for your own website.

strongest pages

4. Page titles, domains and URLs

A backlink from a related website has a higher influence on the rankings of a website than a backlink from an unrelated site. The page titles and the URLs of a web page can be an indicator of the relevance of the linking pages.


Many more link metrics

SEOprofiler also analyzes other attributes such as image alt attributes, title attributes and link tags. That enables you to get a comprehensive overview of the backlinks to a website.

3. Get backlinks by link type and many more backlink analysis tools

In addition to the competitor backlink spy, SEOprofiler offers tools that enable you to get the competitor backlinks by type (forum, blogs, artices), you can find backlinks to your website that could be improved, you can quickly find hub sites and much more.

backlink categories

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Available in all SEOprofiler plans

The competitive intelligence tools are available in all SEOprofiler plans. SEOprofiler starts at very competitive prices and we’re sure that you get the best value for your money with SEOprofiler.

Try SEOprofiler now

SEOprofiler is the right tool for you if you want to get high rankings in the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany and many, many other countries. If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now:

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