New in SEOprofiler: daily updates of the search volume data in the Ranking Monitor

We have added a new feature to the Ranking Monitor: the search volume data for the keywords that you check with the Ranking Monitor is updated daily now. Previously, the search data was updated once per week. The search volume data in the Ranking Monitor helps you to see the value of your rankings.

View the search volume of your monitored keywords

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler checks the rankings of your web pages in 91 countries and regions. The rankings are checked daily and you can use filters to work with your rankings. In addition to regular organic rankings, the Ranking Monitor also tracks local rankings, image rankings, news rankings, etc.

It is a powerful tool that helps you to track the progress of your search engine optimization activities.

search volume in the ranking monitor

Until now, we updated the search numbers once per week. If the search numbers were not available for a keyword that you wanted to monitor, it could take up to seven days until the search numbers appeared in the list. With the new update, missing search volume numbers are available on the next day.

Helpful: the estimated number of visitors

Based on the search volume of a keyword and the position of the web page in the search results, the Ranking Monitor estimates the number of visitors that a web page gets. If a page is ranked for multiple keywords, the numbers are aggregated:

ranked pages

Low hanging fruit: the potential traffic increase

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler shows you the keywords through which you could get many more visitors. For example, the third search result gets many more visitors than search result number four:

potential traffic increase

Based on the search volume of the keyword, the Ranking Monitor will show you the potential traffic increase (PTI) and the potential additional visitors (PAV) if you improve the ranking of your page for that keyword.

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