A new search engine challenges Google

A new search engine tries to challenge Google. It doesn’t rely on backlinks and it actually delivers good results. Could this be a real alternative to Google? How can you make sure that your website will be found in this search engine?


What’s the name of the new search engine?

The name of the new search engine is Samuru.com. It was developed by Stremor, the company of Brandon Wirtz. Brandon Wirtz previously tested many different ways to game Google for fun and profit. As he worked on the ‘dark side’ of SEO, he knows which methods spammers use to manipulate the results.

What is special about this new search engine?

In contrast to other search engines, Samuru does not rely on backlinks to specify the relevance of a web page. The technology behind Samuru is called ‘Liquid Helium‘:

“It converts written content into mathematical values and algorithms for predictable analysis, extraction, and manipulation.

Liquid Helium factors information about sentence and paragraph structure, word usage, parts of speech, grammar, writing style, punctuation, and inherent bias through a vast collection of proprietary rules, filters, and custom language libraries. […]

The ability to extract sentiment, bias, reading level, technical level, formality, urgency, and whether or not content is editorial in nature are just a few of the language scores that can be returned.”

Samuru is still work in progress. In an online discussion, the founder of Samuru said:

“When you are building a technology, you have to isolate and test. We use indicators that are harder to game than inbound links like traffic. But it is a balancing act. We have just shy of 100 score factors we can tweak, and getting them right takes a bit of time.”

How to game Samuru.com

Samuru can find out if the text on a web page makes sense or not. To ‘game’ Samuru, you have to write useful and helpful text. This is something that will help your website rankings as well as visitors who find your website on the Internet.

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