The new ranking monitor: compare your rankings with the rankings of your competitors

We have greatly improved the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler. It’s now much easier to compare your own website rankings to the rankings of your competitors and you can view the results by search engine:

Quickly view the rankings of your competitors

In addition to the ‘Competitors’ panel that shows a summary of your competitors’ rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing, the ranking monitor now also shows the rankings of your competitors on the ‘All keywords’ page:

The change enables you to quickly see if your website ranks better than the websites of your competitors. Of course, you still get the ranking details, the ranking progression, the search snippets and more by clicking on the keyword in the list.

Find the pages that work best for your website

The ‘Top pages’ page in the ranking monitor highlights the pages on your website that have the most rankings. Find out how your pages perform on different search engines:

Quickly find the keywords that can deliver a lot more visitors to your website

The ‘Opportunities’ page in the ranking monitor helps you to find keywords that can deliver a lot more visitors to your website if they get slightly better rankings. Your website already has high rankings for these keywords and you only have to improve the rankings a bit to get many more visitors:

The ‘PTI’ column shows the potential traffic increase for that keyword.

Create impressive reports for your clients

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to create impressive reports for your clients. You can offer your clients PDF reports and web-based reports in your company design.

In addition to the colors, the logo and the design, the contents of the reports are also customizable:

Test the ranking monitor now risk-free!

The new and improved ranking monitor is only of the powerful SEO tools that you get with SEOprofiler. If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now:

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Tom Cassy

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