New in the ranking monitor: more options for you

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler is a powerful tool that enables you to show the position of your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo to your boss and your clients.

Customize the contents of the report

We have improved the options in the ranking monitor for you so that you can create custom reports that are taylored to the needs of your company.

Among many other things, you can now choose whether the monthly search numbers should be displayed in the report or not.

Customize the look of the report

In addition to the contents of the report, you can also customize the look of the report. SEOprofiler enables you to create reports in your company design that have no reference to SEOprofiler.

Your clients won’t find out that you used SEOprofiler to create the reports.

The most comprehensive ranking report

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler offers much more than other ranking checkers. You get actionable items, details about every keyword (including search numbers), alerts, opportunities, etc.

Many more reports

In addition to the ranking monitor report, SEOprofiler offers many more reports. For example, you can create competitive intelligence reports (backlinks, Google AdWords ads, Google rankings), keyword research reports and more.

Try SEOprofiler now

SEOprofiler is the right tool for you if you want to get high rankings in the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany and many, many other countries. If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now:

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