How to work with the ranking monitor: part 3 of 8

The new ranking monitor in SEOProfiler enables you to check the position of your web pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In this article series, we explain how to work with the ranking monitor. This blog post is about the ‘Top pages’ panel in the ranking monitor.

Which pages of your website rank for the most keywords?

The ‘Top pages’ panel shows which pages of your website are listed on Google, Yahoo and Bing:

Which search engine list the most pages of your site?

Does Google show more pages than Bing? Do Yahoo and Bing show different pages although they use the same index?

The charts in the ‘Top pages’ panel have the answer:

  • Pages with the most rankings: this chart shows the page of your website that have the most rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Number of ranked pages per search engine: this chart shows how many different pages of your website are listed on each search engine.

How does this information help you?

Some websites have high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing for many different pages. Other sites have high rankings for a handful of websites.

If you have a website with many pages, all of these pages should have high rankings for at least some keywords. If only a few of your pages have high rankings, consider optimizing your other pages. Otherwise, you’re missing a lot of website visitors.

Which pages of your website can be improved?

Fortunately, the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler also tells you which pages of your website you could improve and which for which keywords your website could get better rankings.

The next part of our article series will show you how to work with the ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Alerts’ panels in SEOprofiler. The ‘Opportunities’ panel helps you to invest your time as efficiently as possible by focusing on keywords and pages that deliver quick results. The ‘Alerts’ panel enables you to identify potential problems.

See for yourself

The ranking monitor shows you detailed information about the position of your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Use that information to make informed decisions and create impressive PDF ranking reports for your clients.

Just login to your SEOprofiler account and test the new ranking manager for yourself. If you don’t have an account, you can create a free account here.

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