Paid blog networks get penalized by Google

Have you seen services that offer thousands of backlinks with no work for a relatively little price and no work? These offers look very tempting but they are also very risky. This month, another of these link building networks was penalized by Google.

Google penaltyWhat exactly has happened?

Google has made it clear that they are against link and blog networks. In the past months, many networks have been hit by Google’s paid link penalties. Many of the websites that participated in these networks were banned from Google.

This month, it hit a blog link building network with the name In their official blog, confirm that they have been penalized by Google:

“This morning, our scripts and manual checks have determined that the overwhelming majority of our network has been de-indexed (by Google). […] For the time being, BMR will be shutting down our service in its current form.”

According to a discussion in an online forum, a tool with the name SEO Link Monster faced the same problem:

“As of yesterday, all 3 sites I’ve put into the system are tanking BADLY! […] I’m starting to think that Google is not only discounting the links from the SEO link-monster network, but also punishing my sites for getting backlinks from the network. […]

I put 3 sites in, keep all other backlinking the same, and ONLY the sites that are getting SEO link monster backlinks are going down big time.”

If you were thinking about using a fully automated backlink solution, you should reconsider your plans.

Fully automated solutions are tempting but they are also extremely risky

We all don’t have much time to promote our websites. For that reason, many people fall for the promises of shady internet marketers that promise quick and easy solutions.

Many of these spam methods work great for some time. That’s why so many people use them. When (not if) Google finds out that you are using such a method to promote your website, chances are that your website will be removed from Google’s index:

Spammy SEO methods

Ethical SEO methods work much better

If you use ethical SEO methods, it will take a little longer until you get high search engine rankings. However, your rankings will grow steadily and you’ll get a much better performance in the long run:

Ethical SEO methods

Do not use spammy SEO methods to increase your rankings on Google. It will backfire on you.

Ethical search engine optimization is about everyone winning.

Ethical search engine optimization leads to a symbiotic relationship:

  • Search engines: They win as they are provided with pages that are easy to understand and that contain the quality information that their visitors search for.
  • Searchers: They win as they are getting what they ask for from the search engines. They search for "green widgets" and get a page about green widgets.
  • Website owners: They win as they are getting quality visitors who are interested in what their website has to offer.

Find peace of mind and secure your rankings

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