Moz OpenSiteExplorer vs. OpenLinkProfiler: OpenLinkProfiler finds 238% more links on average

Many people switched from other tools to SEOprofiler during the last months. If you’re still using another SEO tool, you might be missing out a lot.

For example, the link analysis tool in SEOprofiler finds many more links than Moz’ popular OpenSiteExplorer. You can use it for free on

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Example: OpenLinkProfiler finds 489% more unique links to

As of today, Moz OpenSiteProfiler finds 5,711 unique domains that link to finds 33,680 unique domains (489% more): results OpenSiteExplorer results

Example 2: finds 238% more unique links on average:

Domain nameMoz OpenSiteExplorer
(links from unique domains)
(links from unique domains)
adamsmith.org9102,749202% more
adidas.com10,28119,76992% more
agensir.it60490950% more
american.edu2,95011,308283% more
amnesty.org16,09426,02161% more
amsterdam.nl2,2225,908165% more,527200,000+419% more
bea.gov3,3468,833163% more
berlin.de6,65228,422327% more
bigthink.com2,18013,220506% more
boardgamegeek.com2,09611,690457% more
business.dk3902,834626% more
cambridge.org2,53611,196341% more
cartoons.com1,4301,68217% more
cbs.com11,19636,307242% more
cocacola.com1,7891,7820.3% less,685153% more
daytrotter.com1,3753,218134% more
dilbert.com6,34615,207139% more
ea.com7,54618,921150% more more
fcbayern.de1,8801,8233% less more
gizmodo.com10,73283,553678% more
glamour.es387980153% more
hallandsposten.se4121,384235% more
hawaii.edu1,81312,783605% more
i-tools.no35449439% more
juniper.net4,0857,08173% more
kickstarter.com24,169142,652490% more
kp24.fi89387334% more
last.fm20,89295,577357% more
maclife.com8725,088483% more
netflix.com12,76126,854110% more
newyork.com6521,542136% more
nike.com15,12933,293120% more
nytimes.com72,685200,000+175% more,4852,00935% more
pepsi.com8,9486,26330% less
que.es6306,637953% more
reddit.com22,062200,000+806% more
searchengineland.com5,71133,680489% more
searchenginewatch.com5,26730,822485% more
seobook.com4,3149,993131% more
startrek.com3,9198,111106% more
starwars.com7,48214,72196% more
tour-eiffel.fr2,4904,38075% more,35057% more
vh1.com4,54617,955294% more
xkcd.com10,03539,831296% more
zalando.de2,3595,161118% more
zappos.com10,06724,039138% more

You also get more features and better link data

  • All of the backlinks that you find with have been verified within the last 90 days. That means that you only get active links.
  • We also offer a link disinfection tool that helps you to identify harmful links that have a negative influence on the rankings of your website.
  • With Moz’ OpenSiteExplorer, you get data for up to 10,000 links per domain. With OpenLinkProfiler, you get up to 200,000 links per domain (20 times more).
  • The link profiler tool in SEOprofiler offers sophisticated filters that enable you to find particular backlinks quickly and easily.

You get many more powerful SEO tools

In addition to the advanced backlink data, you also get more features with SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler offers everything you need for a successful SEO campaign:

  • automated weekly SEO audits
  • comprehensive tools for keyword research
  • page optimization tools
  • ranking monitoring
  • Google Analytics integration
  • powerful link manager
  • white-label PDF reports for your clients
  • white-label web-based reports for your clients

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