Official: How Google uses AI in search

Google has shared how they’re bringing AI (artificial intelligence) into their products. This can have an impact on the rankings of your web pages on Google.

AI and Google Search

How Google uses AI in search

Google uses AI for COVID-19 information, to understand statistical data, for song recognition, and for many more thinks. Here are the most important search related facts:

Spelling in search queries

One in 10 queries on Google are misspelled. Google’s new spelling algorithm uses a deep neural net to significantly improve our ability to decipher misspellings. According to Google, this single change makes a greater improvement to spelling than all of their improvements over the last five years.

Passages on web pages

For very specific queries, Google is now able to index individual passages from web pages. This technology will improve 7 percent of search queries across all languages.


Google now understands subtopics around an interest. For example, if you search for “home exercise equipment,” Google can now understand relevant subtopics, such as budget equipment, premium picks, or small space ideas. Google will start rolling this out by the end of this year.

Understanding key moments in videos

Google is not able to automatically identify and tag key moments in videos. This enables you to navigate them like chapters in a book. By the end of 2020, Google expects that 10 percent of searches on Google will use this new technology.

How to optimize your web pages

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