9 professional link building tools in one

Software tools can help link builders to get high quality backlinks faster. They can help you to determine the quality of a potential link and they can also help you to find new backlink opportunities.

Professional link builders need the following 9 tools:

  • Common backlinks tool: which sites link to many competing sites in the same field? Which are those hub sites?
  • Link authority tool: which websites pass the most link juice to your site? Which links will have the biggest impact on the position of your website on Google?
  • Anchor text tool: which anchor texts are used in the links to a site and which texts are the most popular?
  • Target keywords in anchor texts tool: which websites already link to your site (or the sites of your competitors) with your keyword in the anchor text?
  • Existing links booster: which websites link to your site with unhelpful link texts such as “click here” or “more”? Change these backlink texts to improve your Google ranking.
  • Missing links tool: which websites link to at least two of your competitors but not to your site? Contact these sites to get a link quickly.
  • Web reference tool: which sites mention your website without actually linking to your site? Change these web references into real links and improve your rankings.
  • Canonical URL tool: which pages of your website are linked with different URLs? Correct these links to get the maximum link juice.
  • Topical links tool: which linking websites contain the target keyword in the web page title? Links from related pages have a higher impact on the search engine rankings of your site than links from unrelated sites.

These tools should be in the toolbox of any professional link builder. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a programmer who will create these tools for you. You can use SEOprofiler to get all the necessary link data as quickly as possible and for a fraction of the costs.

The Hub Finder Pro™ report includes all 9 link building tools mentioned above in one package.

We have integrated all 9 tools in our Hub Finder Pro™ tool. You just enter the keyword for which you want to get high rankings on Google and Hub Finder Pro™ will do the rest. It gets the competing sites for the entered keyword and analyzes all backlinks to these sites within 15 minutes.

More data than you will get from any other tool

Most other link analysis tools use Yahoo data to get backlink data. That means they get a maximum of 1000 links per site. With Yahoo’s change to Bing’s algorithm, this number is decreasing steadily and the quality of the links that you get from Yahoo also decreases.

The Hub Finder Pro™ tool uses our own proprietary link database. For each Hub Finder Pro™ report we analyze millions of backlinks (depending on the number of backlinks that the analyzed websites have). You even get CSV files with up to 180,00 backlinks along with each Hub Finder Pro™ report.

This is the real deal. If you don’t want to work with the limited data that you get from Yahoo or Google anymore, check out the Hub Finder Pro™ report now.

It costs much less than you might think. Click here for the real deal.

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