New yearly pricing: save 33%!

Today we’re announcing our new yearly prices. The yearly plans are perfect for businesses that are serious about making their websites a lasting success.

Of course, you can still use SEOprofiler as a pay-as-you-go tool with monthly billing. Paying for one year in advance, however, has several advantages:

  • You will save 33%. With yearly billing, the Starter plan costs 15/month and our most popular Smart plan costs 65/month.
  • You can create a long-term optimization strategy for your website that will lead to results that last much longer.
  • You will get regular reports that show the ranking progression of your web pages on search engines.
  • You will get regular audit reports that show the search engine compatibility of your web pages.
  • You will get full access to all tools that help you to improve the position of your web pages on Google and other search engines (keywords, backlinks, optimization, etc.).

No more excuses: get much better results

SEO is like endurance sports. It takes some time to build the stamina that you need to run a marathon.

Once you have managed to get a base level of fitness, a whole new world opens up for you. You can do things you never thought you would: trek mountains, row a boat, play football with your kids without being exhausted, enjoy many things without getting out of breath.

Search engine optimization is very similar. When you start, getting on the first result page sometimes seems like an unachievable goal. If you keep on working on your website, things will become much easier.

SEOprofiler is a complete SEO tool that offers everything you need to achieve your goals. The new yearly prices enable you to get this tool at a very good price.

Get things done, start now

You may have heard the saying that there three are types of people:

  • Those who watch things happen
  • Those who make things happen
  • Those who wonder what happened

If you want to make sure that your website becomes a success, you must get things done. Become a doer and start now.

To order the yearly plans, go to our yearly plans pricing page or click the small links below the orders buttons on our regular pricing page.

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