What’s new in SEOprofiler? Part 3: the new link building tools

There are many new features and reports in the new SEOprofiler version. Our new tools make it easier to concentrate on the really important links. You will save time and you will get results more quickly.

7 powerful link building and link analysis tools

Click the “Link building” button in your dashboard to see the link building tools. You get access to 7 powerful link building tools that help you to get new backlinks as efficiently as possible:

These new tools help you to get things done efficiently:

  1. Get new backlinks by competitor
  2. Get new backlinks by keyword
  3. The hub finder
  4. The current links optimizer
  5. Competitive backlink intelligence
  6. The link opportunity finder
  7. Starter backlinks

1. Get new backlinks by competitor: easy link targets for you

Analyzing the websites that link to your competitor is a good way to find new backlinks to your own website. The difficult part is to find websites that link to your competitor and that would be willing to link to your site.

That’s what the “Get new backlinks by competitor” tool is for. It analyzes the websites that link to your competitor and parses the links for websites that are likely to link to your website, too:

The “Get new backlinks by competitor” tool does the following for you:

  • You get an analysis of up to 30,000 backlinks of your competitor.
  • The links are parsed for you so that you don’t have to check every single link.
  • You get easy link target categories such as blogs, forums, yellow pages directories, etc.
  • The backlinks of your competitor will be organized in 40 categories with easy to replicate links.
  • You get several lists with websites that are likely to link to your website.

For performance reasons, the online report is limited to 500 links per category. The full list with all link opportunities is available in a downloadable CSV file:

  • All links in the CSV file have extra data, for example the ratio of outbound and same-site links on the linking page, the position of a link on the page or tags (in addition to data such as anchor texts, attributes, age, title of linking page, category, etc.).
  • The CSV file has several sortable columns that enable you to find the best links quickly and easily.

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2. Get new backlinks by keyword: improve your keyword rankings

The “Get new backlinks by keyword” tool helps you to get backlinks that will increase your search engine rankings for a particular keyword. Enter the keyword for which you want to get high rankings and the tool will recommend link opportunities:

The link opportunities that you get with this report have several advantages:

  • They contain the targeted keyword in the web page title or in the domain name. A link from one of these pages to your website will be considered as a link that is highly on topic for the selected keyword.
  • The pages that contain the keyword in the domain name have shown that they are willing to link to other sites. That means that they are also likely to link to your website.
  • The report also shows web pages that are willing to link to other websites with the targeted keyword as the anchor text.
  • You get up to 30,000 link opportunities per report.

You can focus on the links that have the highest impact on the rankings of your website

The links are sorted by relevance in the report. The bigger the influence of a link from that page on the ranking of your website on Google for the keyword, the higher it will be listed in the report.

That enables you to focus on getting links from web pages that will have the highest influence on the rankings of your web pages. If you focus on quality, you will get better results in a shorter time.

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3. The hub finder: show search engines that your site is relevant

Hub sites are websites that link to at least two of your competitors. It is very likely that they will also link to your website if you offer similar products or services.

The hub finder in SEOprofiler makes it very easy to find these sites. Just enter up to 5 competitors or one of your keywords and the hub finder will show you many pages that could link to your site:

  • You get many more hub sites than with any other hub findet tool because we analyze up to 30,000 backlinks per site.
  • You get detailed information about each linking site and about each single link.
  • You will find related pages that will put your own website into the right context on Google.
  • You will find pages that are likely to link to your website.

Show search engines that your website is relevant

Getting links from hub pages is important. If a website links to your website and your competitors, search engines will know that your website is related to the particular topic.

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4. The current links optimizer: improve existing backlinks

The current links optimizer helps you to optimize the existing links to your website. This is an easy way to improve the rankings of your site for important keywords. Just enter your domain name in the tool to get a detailed report:

  • Improve useless links such as “click here” and “more” and get higher rankings for keywords that are important to your business.
  • Find pages that link to your with the nofollow attribute and convince them to link to your site without that attribute.
  • Find pages that mention your website without linking to it.
  • Find redirects and canonical issues.

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5. Competitive backlink intelligence: analyze your competitors

The competitive backlink intelligence tool gives you a detailed overview over the backlinks of your competitors:

  • How many backlinks do your competitors have?
  • What are the strongest pages of your competitors?
  • Which keywords are used most often to link to your competitors?
  • Are the backlinks of your competitors from related pages?
  • Which keywords are used most often to link to your competitors?
  • Which are the newest links that your competitors have?

We analyze up to 30,000 backlinks of each competitor. That means that you will get a detailed and accurate image of the backlink structure of any competitor.

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6. The link opportunity finder: get more backlinks

The link opportunity finder creates search queries that help you to find websites that are likely to add a link to your website. Based on your keyword input, you will get search queries in the following categories:

  • Add URL & submit website searches
  • Directory searches
  • Blogs, forums and articles
  • Miscellaneous searches

The backlinks opportunities that you find through these searches will make your website less dependent from search engines and they will increase the position of your website in the search results.

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7. The starter backlinks: for new websites

It takes some time until Google and other search engines pick up a website. The more backlinks your website has, the quicker and the more often your website will be visited by search engine spiders.

The starter backlinks are websites that accept website submissions. They are sorted by SEOprofiler Trust. That means that the links from these websites have a relatively high impact on the search engine rankings of your website.

Getting backlinks from the starter backlink websites is relatively easy and it will help Googlebot and other search engine spiders to find your website more quickly.

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Get things done

Our new link building tools help you to get good backlinks quickly and easily. Do not try to get as many backlinks as possible. Try to get the best backlinks possible.

A single high quality link is worth more than 10 low quality links. Our new link building tools help you to to find the links with the highest quality:

  • You get many more backlinks than with any other backlink analysis tool.
  • We parse the links for you so that you can find the best links quickly and easily.
  • Each link comes with detailed additional information that enables you to quickly find the best links.
  • As an SEOprofiler member you can use the backlink analysis tools as often as you want.
  • You will save a lot of time because you can focus on the backlinks with the highest influence.

If you haven’t done it yet, open a free SEOprofiler account now and test all tools.

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