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  • Some days ago, we recommended that you should only use Google’s disawow links tool if you spammed Google in the past. In an online discussion, Google’s John Mueller shared more information about Google’s new tool.

    You have to submit a comprehensive list to Google

    In the online discussion, a webmaster complained that the disavow links tool does not work. Google’s John Mueller said that the webmaster overlooked several links:

    “It does appear that there is manual action being taken on your site based on some of the links that are still out there. My recommendation would be to double-check the list that you’ve used in the disavow links tool, make sure that it’s really comprehensive and that it matches what you’ve worked on removing manually, and then submitting another reconsideration request when you feel ready.

    For example, I’m still seeing live links that aren’t on your list from various forum posts, forum profiles, blog comments, articles, etc.”

    It takes weeks before Google makes a change

    John Mueller also confirms that it will take a long time before you see a change:

    “In addition to manual action, our algorithms may find issues like these as well. Once these kinds of issues are either resolved (for example, by having those links removed — which is the recommended action — or by using the disavow links tool), we’ll update that in our records as we recrawl & reindex those pages.

    This is not an instant process, it can take weeks, and in some cases, a few months, before that happens for all URLs. Once those links are reprocessed, it can still take a bit of time for the various algorithms to reflect that.”

    If you haven’t spammed Google, don’t use this tool

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