New in SEOprofiler: even more keyword suggestions for the ranking monitor

new in SEOprofiler

We have improved the page ‘Keyword suggestions’ in the Ranking Monitor. The extended keyword suggestions page enables you to find even more keywords for your website than before.

Monitor your rankings on Google, Google Mobile and Bing

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler is a powerful tool that checks the position of your web pages for your keywords on Google, Google Mobile and Bing.

Ranking checker: check the position of your web pages on search engines

You can monitor any keyword, in any country, in any location. The rankings are checked daily.

The Ranking Monitor tracks the regular listings, and it informs you about the position of your business in Google’s local pack results, even if your business is listed without a website URL. The Ranking Monitor also monitors featured snippets, sitelinks, videos, AMP ranking, etc.

Find the keywords that perform best, get the top ranked pages, analyze the different result types, automatically get the keywords that require your attention, and much more.

More targeted visitors with improved keyword suggestions

We have extended the page ‘Keyword suggestions’ in the Ranking Monitor. The page ‘Keyword suggestions’ shows keywords that Google shows in the ‘People also search for…” section on the result pages for the keywords that you monitor.

These keywords are keywords that people actually search for on Google.

Targeting additional related keywords will bring more targeted customers to your website. If your website has many pages that are relevant to a particular topic, Google and other search engines will find your website relevant to that topic and your web pages will get higher rankings for keywords that are related to that topic.

The ‘Keyword suggestions’ page in the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler helps you to make your website more relevant. We have added a new ‘More’ button, that enables you to get even more keyword suggestions than before.

How to work with the new keyword suggestions

It’s easy to get more keyword suggestions. Open the page ‘Keyword suggestions’ in the Ranking Monitor:

Keyword suggestions: related keywords

Click the ‘More’ button next to a keyword to get further keyword suggestions that are related to that keyword:

keyword suggestion tool

You will get the number of searches, the cost per click, the search volume trend, the competition value, and the opportunity value for each keyword.

Click the ‘Mon’ button to monitor your rankings for a keyword, and click the ‘Top 10’ button to optimize a page of your website for a keyword.

Monitor your rankings now

Monitor your rankings for your keywords now with the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler. You can create your account here:

Monitor your rankings

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