New in SEOprofiler: choose your user interface color theme

There’s a new feature in the user-interface of SEOprofiler.

In addition to customizing the colors for client reports, you can choose your color theme for the SEOprofiler user interface now. There are three options: the default theme, a blue theme and a light theme.

How to change the user interface color theme

You can change the color theme on the account settings page (SEOprofiler > Your account > Account settings). Alternatively, just click on the theme name in the ‘Help’ menu that you can find at the top of all SEOprofiler pages:

Select your SEOprofiler color theme

For example, the blue theme looks like this:

Blue theme

How to change the colors for client reports

Select Create client reports > Customize reports in the sidebar menu in your SEOprofiler account to customize the colors that are used for the web-based client reports the PDF reports:

Customize client reports colors

You can use your company colors, your company logo, etc. to customize the reports.

Try the new themes now

Log in to your SEOprofiler account now and try the new user interface color themes. If you don’t have an SEOprofiler account yet, you can create your free account here:

Create free account

Tom Cassy

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