New in SEOprofiler: check your website for security vulnerabilities in target blank links

We have added another check to the website audit tool in SEOprofiler that helps you to find security vulnerabilities on your web pages:

how to fix this security vulnerability on your web pages

Your website probably has this vulnerability

If you link with the target=’_blank’ attribute to another website, the page you are linking to gains partial access to the linking page via the window.opener object.

For example, the newly opened tab can change the window.opener.location to some phishing page. They can also execute some JavaScript on the opener-page on your behalf.

To fix this problem, just add rel=”noopener” to your links. Example:

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

How to find this vulnerability on your web pages

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler automatically checks your web pages for these links. On the overview page, you can see how many pages on your website have this issue:

Website audit overview: target blank links without rel noopener

Click the ‘Details’ button to view all pages that contain these links. You can also see the exact links on the pages that have the problem.

Many more security checks

Among many other things, the website audit tool also checks the security settings of your web server:

Many more website security checks

In addition to this, the audit tool checks your website for things that influence the position of your web pages on Google and other search engines.

Check your website now

Checking your website is a matter of a few minutes. Create your SEOprofiler account now and check your website:

Check your web pages now

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