Why SEOprofiler is better than Google Webmaster tools

Two weeks ago, Google has changed the way they count links from subdomains. Google now counts links from subdomains as internal links.

For example, a link from shoes.example.com to www.example.com counts as a same site link in Google webmaster tools. SEOprofiler counts shoes.example.com and www.example.com as two different domains. This change in Google Webmaster Tools is a good opportunity to remind you that the backlink tools in SEOprofiler provide much better backlink data than Google’s tools:

  1. You get backlink data for any website: Google Webmaster Tools only show you the backlinks of your own website. SEOprofiler gives you the backlinks of any website on the Internet, including the websites of your competitors.
  2. You get much better backlink information:The backlinks of your competitors are by far more interesting than the backlinks of your own website because these competitor links can help you to improve the position of your website on Google and other search engines.

    In addition, SEOprofiler also shows you the backlinks of your own website that should be improved. That’s an easy way to increase your rankings.

  3. You get many more backlinks: Regardless of the numbers that Google shows in the Webmaster Tools interface, you will get only one link per domain when you export the backlink data. With SEOprofiler, you get up to 30,000 backlinks.
  4. You get much more detailed information: With SEOprofiler, you get anchor texts, the titles of the linking pages, the position of the link on the linking page, the ratio of internal and external links on the linking page (as well as the total numbers) and much more information.
  5. You save time: With SEOprofiler, you do not only get a lot of important additional information for each link, we also sort and arrange the links for you so that you find the most important links as quickly as possible.

Save time and get actionable backlinks

Join SEOprofiler now and compare the backlink data that you get from SEOprofiler with the backlink data that you get from any other source.

You will see that the data that you get from SEOprofiler is much more detailed and much more actionable than data from other sources. In addition, all backlink analysis tools in SEOprofiler are fully integrated with IBP’s link manager that will give you even more information about each page. Try it now!

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