WordPress.org has 7.75 times the number of backlinks as Google

Google is the most popular search engine but it is not the website with the most backlinks. The May 2012 statistics for the websites with the most backlinks show that WordPress has 7.75 times the number of backlinks from different domains as Google. Twitter and Facebook have even more backlinks:

top domains by link - may 2012

The top 100 websites of many countries

The backlink statistics on SEOprofiler show the top 100 websites with the most backlinks from unique domains. The table above shows the numbers for the USA. The backlink statistics are available for many different countries:

top domains by link worldwide - may 2012

Details for each website

If you want to learn more about the backlinks of a site, just click on a domain name in the top 100 list to get more information:

backlink analysis details

The most popular anchor texts that are used to link to WordPress.org are “WordPress”, “WordPress.org”, “Proudly powered by WordPress” and “Proudly powered by WordPress.” so it’s clear where the links are from.

Get 30,000 backlinks with detailed information

If you need more information, you can run detailed backlink reports with 30,000 backlinks. You will get comprehensive information about every single link and a CSV file that you can use in MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Backlink information for any website

The backlink information is available for any website, not just for the top 100 sites. If you want to get detailed information about the backlinks, rankings and Google AdWords ads of your competitors, enter the domain in the following search box:

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