How to manage your backlinks

Managing your backlinks is important if you want to be in control of your rankings. For example, you need answers to the following questions:
  • Who links to your website?
  • How do these websites link to your site?
  • Do other websites still link to your site?
  • Which websites use the nofollow attribute to link to your site?

If you actively build backlinks, you also need answers to these questions:

  • Which websites are related to my website?
  • What is the quality of these websites?
  • How can I contact these websites?
  • Which websites have I already contacted?
  • Which websites have sent a reply?

Take control and get better backlinks

If you have an SEOprofiler account, managing your backlinks is easy. Click the ‘Get backlinks’ button on the project overview page to open the link manager in SEOprofiler:

link manager

The link manager helps you to keep track of your link building activities. It contains detailed information about each link partner, it automatically checks if the other websites still link to your site, it keeps track of your conversations, and much more.

Fully integrated with the link building tools in SEOprofiler

The link manager in SEOprofiler is fully integrated with the link building tools in SEOprofiler. You can even access it with a single mouse click while surfing the Web. If you find a website that should be added to the link manager, just click the SEOprofiler link manager bookmarklet and the link manager will automatically retrieve all necessary information.

Here’s an example that shows how to add websites that you find with the hub finder tool to the link manager. The hub finder tool in SEOprofiler disovers websites that link to at least two of your competitors. It’s very likely that these websites will also link to your site.

advanced hub finder

In this example, the hub finder has found 3,116 websites that link to more than one of our computers. Many of these sites link to 4 or more of our competitors so it is very likely that they will also link to our website.

Click the ‘Add’ button to add a website to the link manager. After clicking the ‘Add’ button will change to a ‘Show’ button:

link manager show

Click the ‘Show button’ to view the newly added website in the link manager.

The link manager gets the contact details for you

When you add a new website to the link manager, we automatically retrieve contact information for the site. You can view that information in the ‘Contacts’ box:

backlink manager contacts

To contact the other website, click on the green/white arrow button next to an email address. Your email program will open a blank message to that address and a new entry will be added to the contact history:

backlink manager

Ask the admin of the other website for a link to your site and you’re done. It’s as easy as that. Managing your backlinks is very easy with the link manager in SEOprofiler.

After getting the link from the other website, the link manager will regularly check if the other websites still link to your site, if they have added the rel=nofollow attribute to the links, etc.

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