Link building tips to drive traffic to your website has published a great article about link building. The article lists many things that you should do to get good backlinks. In today’s blog post, you will find out how a tool like SEOprofiler can help you with these things.

1. Put someone in charge.

If you want to get good results, there should be someone in your company who does the link building.

2. Set up a process for monitoring and measuring progress.

To measure how effective your link building campaign is, you have to measure your link building efforts. The backlink manager in SEOprofiler keeps track of your link building activities and it also informs you about changes in the backlinks to your site.

3. Don’t outsource your entire link-building campaign.

Outsourcing your link building campaign is risky. The person who does the link building for you might add your website to spammy link networks or your website might get some other shady links. Your website might be downranked by Google as soon as they discover the spamming links. That’s what happened to quite a few sites after Google’s Penguin update.

The link building tools in SEOprofiler help you to find good backlinks to your website as efficiently as possible. In addition SEOprofiler only uses safe SEO methods.

4. Begin by examining the links on your own site.

The links on your own website are under your control. The links on your website should contain your keywords and they should go to pages that are related to these keywords.

5. Create a baseline of existing inbound links.

Use the current links optimizer in SEOprofiler to get a CSV file with up to 30,000 links that point to your website. In addition to the CSV file, the current links optimizer tool also shows you the pages that link to your site with unhelpful anchor text.

The backlink intelligence tool in SEOprofiler shows you which anchor texts are used to link to your web pages and which keywords the pages use that link to your site.

6. Study your competitors’ links.

The ‘Get backlinks by competitor‘ tool in SEOprofiler helps you to get the best links of your competitors. The backlinks are sorted by category so that you find the best links for your site quickly and easily.

In addition, the hub finder tool in SEOprofiler shows you websites that link to more than one of your competitors. Getting links from these sites is important to show Google and other search engines that your website belongs to a particular topic.

7. Go after links your competitors don’t have.

Of course, it’s not enough to duplicate the backlinks that your competitors have. With SEOprofiler, you can get the backlinks of all of your competitors (your site will have all of the links while your competitors have only a few) and SEOprofiler offers more link building tools that enable you to get backlinks that your competitors don’t have.

8. Focus on link quality, not quantity.

Automatically creating thousands of forum profile links to get higher rankings doesn’t work anymore. A backlink from a good site is worth more than dozens of automatically created links.

SEOprofiler enables you to get the Link Influence Score (LIS) of a website. The higher the LIS, the higher the influence of links from that site.

9. Develop a list of top-priority keywords and use them in your online content.

SEOprofiler offers several tools that help you to find the best keywords for your website.

10. Begin with the low-hanging fruit.

The Starter backlinks tool in SEOprofiler and the Link Opportunity Finder help you to quickly find websites that will link to your site.

11. Focus on directories relevant to your industry.

Most Internet directories won’t help your search engine rankings. That’s why the Starter backlinks tool in SEOprofiler only list the most influential websites that will accept your link submission. You will save a lot of time if you use the Starter backlinks tool.

12. Go after a diverse set of links.

Backlinks should go to different pages of your website, they should contain different anchor texts and they should come from different sources. SEOprofiler offers many different link building tools that can help you with all of that.

13. Focus on relevant links.

Links from related pages are better than links from unrelated pages. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to find relevant and related pages quickly and easily.

14. Develop high-quality content.

Due to Google’s Panda update, websites with thin content won’t get high rankings on Google anymore. In addition, it’s easier to get backlinks to high quality content. The Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler helps you to optimize the content of your web pages.

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