How to build backlinks for Google’s latest ranking algorithms

Google’s recent algorithm updates have upset many website owners. Is it still advisable to get backlinks? Which backlinks are good? Which backlinks are dangerous? This article will help you to develop a backlink strategy that works well with Google’s new algorithms.

Only some backlinks are bad

Although Google uses many different signals in the ranking algorithms, backlinks are still the most important signal. Google’s recent algorithm updates targeted low quality backlinks that were used by spammers. These backlinks don’t work anymore.

As explained in our previous blog articles, these low quality backlinks include links from forum profiles, paid links, paid blog networks, mass article submissions and all other links that can be created automatically. If you have used these links to promote your website, you have to reconsider your strategy.

A single question is the answer

There’s a single question that can be the answer to all other link building questions. Here it is: Would you try to get that backlink if it did not affect your Google rankings in any way?

If the answer to that question is “yes” then the backlink is a good backlink. If a backlink sends targeted visitors to your website and/or if you can make money with a link from another site, then you should try to get that backlink.

If a backlink makes sense to normal visitors of your website, it also makes sense to Google. Links that pay for themselves by delivering targeted traffic will also contribute positively to your Google rankings.

How to find backlinks that make sense

There are several ways to find good backlinks. SEOprofiler offers a variety of tools that help you to find the very best backlinks for your website.

All SEO tools in SEOprofiler are spam-free and they help you to get high rankings that stay.

For example, the backlink hub finder tool in SEOprofiler can help you to find very good link partners. The hub finder tool helps you to find websites that link to at least two of your competitors.

These hub websites are often used by people who search for companies in your branche. A backlink from hub sites will deliver targeted visitors to your site and it will also help your Google rankings.

For the average website, the hub finder tool in SEOprofiler finds several hundreds hub sites that will contribute to the search engine rankings of your website while delivering targeted visitors at the same time.

What about nofollow links and anchor text?

Don’t worry too much about nofollow links and the perfect anchor text. If a nofollow link drives visitors to your website then it’s still a good link. In addition, nofollow links contribute to the natural link profile of your website.

As long as the anchor text of a link is related to your website, everything is fine. Don’t try to get the perfect anchor text from every linking page.

The content around the link is usually much more important for the click-through rate that a link gets. If it is in the right context, a simple "Click here" link might drive more visitors to your website than a link with an over-optimized anchor text.

Build backlinks as if search engines did not exist

Actually, not much has changed with Google’s latest ranking algorithm updates. The only difference is has become more difficult for spammers to game the system.

If you build backlinks that drive targeted visitors to your website, you will get additional sales and higher rankings on search engines. The link building tools in SEOprofiler will help you to get these links.

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