New in SEOprofiler: the brand new keyword suggestion tool with 792 million keywords

We have just released a major update to the keyword suggestion tool in SEOprofiler. The keyword tool now supports 25 regions and languages and it offers a total of 792 million keywords. You get searches, results, competition and bid prices for your keywords.

The new keyword tool offers a much more complete keyword database than other tools. It enables you to get the best keywords for your SEO campaigns.

Many new features: bid prices, competition and much more

In addition to the greatly improved and extended keyword database, we have also improved the interface of the keyword suggestion tool:

keyword suggestion tool

What is the source of the keyword data?

The keyword database in SEOprofiler contains keywords that are searched for on search engines, keywords that are entered in search toolbars, semantically related keywords, keywords that are suggested by auto-suggestion features, keywords that are related to the content on a web page, and much more.

The keyword database in SEOprofiler enables you to get full access to all important keywords that can deliver targeted visitors to your website. SEOprofiler delivers many more keywords than other keyword suggestion tools (details below).

How are the number of searches and the bid prices calculated?

We calculate the number of monthly searches based on a sample of all monthly searches. All keyword tools do not show the actual number of monthly searches. Even Google’s own keyword tool shows estimates of ad impressions, other keyword tools show the number of searches based on the sample that they can access.

Use the monthly search numbers to judge the relative popularity of a keyword. The numbers in the keyword suggestion tool in SEOprofiler are ‘exact match’ numbers, i.e. they are for the exact keyword.

The bid prices that are displayed in the keyword suggestion tool are the estimated costs per click. Your actual bid price may vary. It depends on the selected Google AdWords match type and your website.

Why should you use the keyword research tools in SEOprofiler?

The keywords that you choose for your web pages and your pay-per-click campaigns have a major influence on the success of your search engine optimization campaigns.

The better your keywords, the greater the success of your SEO campaigns. Other keyword tools show you only a part of the keywords that will help your website.

Here’s a short overview of the number of keywords that competitors with big keyword databases offer:

  • SEOprofiler: 792 million keywords
  • KeywordSpy: 127 million keywords
  • SEMrush: 95 million keywords

The keyword suggestion tool in SEOprofiler enables you to see the whole picture. You get complete keyword suggestions that enable you to find the very best keywords for your web pages and your paid search campaigns.

The basis of your success

The right keywords are the basis of your online success. If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now. You can test all SEOprofiler tools without limitations for just $1 (this offer is available once per customer:

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