Is search engine optimization the same as following Google’s advice?

Search engine optimization is important if you want to get high rankings on Google. But is search engine optimization the same as following Google’s advice? Of course, it’s advisable to follow most of Google’s recommendations. However, you should do more than that. Here are four things that you should consider.

Should you follow Google's advice?

1. Google is not your friend

Google wants to make money and they tell webmasters to do things that work best for Google. That isn’t necessarily the same thing as the things that work best for you.

Follow Google’s recommendations and your web pages can be indexed by Google. That does not mean that your web pages will rank better than the pages of your competitors. Search engine optimization is about getting better rankings than your competitors.

2. Some things that Google says are misleading

For example, Google says that they can index and render JavaScript to some extend. That’s true. However, that does not mean that JavaScript pages will get high rankings. It also doesn’t mean that Google can index the full content of the web pages.

Google’s often publishes very vague statements. If you’re not 100% sure that something cannot have a negative impact on your rankings, better don’t do it. For example, avoid websites that require JavaScript to display the content.

3. Keep things simple

It’s easier to get high rankings with less complex websites. Prerendering JavaScript websites can work, but it also adds an additional layer that can fail to your website. Redirecting links can also work but it is better to use the correct links. Instead of nofollowing links on your website, just don’t link to these pages.

It’s easier to manage a simple website and it’s also much easier to get high rankings with these websites.

4. Don’t forget the basics and use the right tools

Before you apply the latest secret SEO trick to your website, make sure that you worked on the basic SEO tactics. Work on the title tags of your web pages, improve the internal linking structure of your website, optimize the web page content, etc.

The right tools help you to work as efficiently as possible. For example, the Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler shows you how exactly you should change your web pages. The website audit tool discovers redirects, canonical tags and other things on your website. SEOprofiler offers many more SEO tools that help you to get your website ranked on the first results page.

It’s usually a good idea to follow Google’s advice. However, you have to do more than that if you want to rank better than your competitors. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to get better rankings than your competitors:

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