Introducing the new social media inbox monitor

We have just released the brand-new social media inbox monitor. The social media inbox monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to keep track of conversations about your company and your products on social networks.

Protect your online reputation

Is someone talking about your company on the Internet? Are there positive or negative reviews about your products? The social media inbox in SEOprofiler helps you to react as quickly as possible:

social media inbox overview

Track keywords, blogs and Q&A questions

Enter keywords that are related to your company in the social media inbox monitor. You will see tweets and questions that are related to these keywords:

social media inbox settings

Comprehensive Twitter integration

The social media inbox monitor gives you quick access to tweets that contain your monitored keywords, your own tweets, tweets from people you follow, and Twitter mentions. You can reply to these tweets directly from the monitor. If you want, you can even add emoji icons to tweets that you send from the social media inbox. Twitter will display the emoji icons as colorful images in your tweet:

compose social message

Yahoo Answers

Answering questions that are related to your business on Yahoo Answers can drive a lot of new visitors to your website. The social media inbox monitor automatically scans Yahoo Answers for questions that are related to your company and your products.

If you answer these questions, your website will benefit from additional visitors, better brand recognition and increased search engine rankings:

yahoo answers

Monitor your favorite blogs

The social media inbox monitor also enables you to monitor your favorite blogs. Directly reply to interesting posts, tweet the best blog posts to your followers, and more.

Comprehensive filters

Find the most popular tweets by sorting them by the amount of retweets or favorites, only find messages that contain particular keywords, get the messages from people who have the most followers, sort the messages by sentiment and find particular authors. The comprehensive filters in the social media inbox monitor help you to do things as efficiently as possible:

social media filters

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