Introducing the new SEOprofiler interface

We’ve just released a new version of the SEOprofiler interface. The new interface makes it even easier than before to access all tools in SEOprofiler.

1. Multi-platform compatible

The new interface has been designed with multiple platforms in mind. Here’s a screenshot of the new interface on an iPad:

iPad SEO tool: the new SEOprofiler interface

You can use the SEO tools in SEOprofiler on Windows computers, Macs, Linux computers, iPads and other tablet computers.

2. New toolbars for easy access

At the top of each SEOprofiler page, you will see a menu bar that offers quick access to your projects, the different sections in SEOprofiler (link building, page optimization, etc.) and your account:

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler: check your rankings

3. Clearly arranged sections

The new SEOprofiler interface offers 8 different sections that help you to get your website on Google’s first result page:

All the SEO tools that you need

4. Powerful SEO tools

Each section offers you access to powerful SEO tools that help you to get better results for your website:

Keyword suggestion tool and other keyword tools

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