New in the ranking monitor: recheck your keywords whenever you want

We’ve made several smaller changes to the ranking monitor. You can now restart the ranking check for a keyword if you want to update the data before the ranking monitor automatically updates it.

Step 1: open the ranking monitor page and go to the “All keywords” panel:

ranking monitor

Step 2: click the keyword that you want to update:

Clicking the keyword will show the details of the keyword. Below the snippet list, you will find the new button “Recheck keyword”. Click that button to re-trigger the ranking check for that keyword.

ranking monitor two

For example, you can use that button if the ranking has changed since the last ranking check and if you want to send your client an updated report. In general, it is not necessary to use the button as the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler automatically checks your rankings once per week.

In addition to this change, the ranking checker is now more accurate when checking local rankings. Under some rare circumstances, the rankings for some local keywords were not retrieved 100% correctly (only a few keywords were affected). In addition, the ranking monitor now gets your rankings faster than before.

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