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  • Improved: your weekly backlink opportunities with more data

    Finding new websites that could link to your website is a tedious task. That’s why the weekly backlink opportunties that SEOprofiler generates for you are so popular.

    Quickly judge the quality of a link

    Starting today, the opportunities now include the Link Influence Rank (LIS) and the Google Page Rank of the suggested pages:

    weekly backlink opportunities

    The two new columns help you to judge the quality of a link more quickly:

    • Link Influence Score: The Link Influence Score is a metric of SEOprofiler to determine the trust level of websites. The higher the Link Influence Score, the more likely it is that a link from the site will have a positive effect on the search engine rankings of your website.

      The Link Influence Score is calculated based on the quality and the number of links that point to a website. It ranges from ranges from 0-100%

    • Google Page Rank: The Page Rank is a popularity number created by Google that measures the quantity and quality of inbound links. PageRank is a logarithmic scale. A PageRank of PR5 is several magnitudes greater than a PR4. The Page Rank numbers that Google publishes aren’t necessarily the Page Rank numbers that Google uses internally.

    When you find a good link, just click the “Add to LM” button in the list to add the site to the link manager in SEOprofiler.

    You can download all backlink suggestions

    Just like in all backlink analysis tools in SEOprofiler, you can export the weekly backlink opportunities to a CSV file. The CSV file contains additional information about each link, for example you get the Link Rank of the linking sites:

    export your backlink opportunities

    How to get the most out of your link opportunities

    The weekly link opportunities show the recently found backlinks to the top 10 competitors of your project’s competitor watchlist. The top 10 of your competitors is determined by the number of unique backlinks to the competitor domains.

    • If you entered less than 10 competitor domains in your competitor watchlist, add more domains to get more link opportunities.
    • Make sure that the competitors are closely related to your own business. That increases the quality of the weekly suggestions.

    The second point is very important. The closer the relation of the competitor, the better the weekly backlink suggestions. Based on your project settings, you will get an email message when new link opportunities are available.

    See for yourself

    SEOprofiler finds new backlink opportunities every week for you. Use that information to improve the rankings of your website.

    Just login to your SEOprofiler account and test the weekly opportunities for yourself. If you don’t have an account, you can create a free account here.

    Immediate access

    Please tell your friends and colleagues about SEOprofiler and click one of the following buttons:

    Create a FREE SEOprofiler account now:

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