How to find the find the texts that are used most often to link to your website

The texts that other websites use to link to your website have a strong influence on the rankings of your pages on Google and other search engines. Which texts are used to link to your website? Which texts should be used?

how to analyze anchor texts

What are anchor texts?

The visible, clickable text of a link is called ‘anchor text’. Most websites show the anchor text in a different color than the surrounding text. In the early days of the Internet, anchor texts were always underlined (but this has changed).

Good anchor texts show people what a link is about. They give an incentive to click on the link, and they help search engines to put a link into context.

In the HTML code of a web page, the anchor text looks like this:

<a href="">This is the anchor text</a>

Popular anchor text types

There are different types of anchor texts that can be used to link to a website:

Which anchor texts are the best?

A good anchor text is relevant and useful. A good anchor text shows the user what he will get when clicking the link: A powerful search engine optimization tool with free accounts.

Try to get links that contain your focus keywords in the anchor text. Good anchor texts help both users and search engines to decide whether a link is worth visiting. Keep your links natural and relevant to get good results.

If your website has many links from other sites that contain keywords that are related to a particular topic, it is much more likely that your website will get high rankings for these keywords.

How to find the anchor texts that are used to link to your web pages

The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler shows you the anchor texts that are used to link to your website. Just enter the URL of your website in the search box in the Link Profiler:

how to find link anchor texts

The Link Profiler tool enables you to find all anchor text types quickly and easily. In addition to the anchor texts, the Link Profiler tool enables you to get much more information:

  • How many links from how many sites point to a website?
  • How many links point to a particular page on the site?
  • Which words are used to link to the pages?
  • Which words are linked most often?
  • What is the category and the context of the linking sites?
  • Are the links nofollow or dofollow?
  • How old are the links, etc.

Analyze your website links now

Create your free SEOprofiler account now to analyze the links that point to your website:

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