How to find easy link targets with the new hub finder tool

Hub pages are pages that link to several of your competitors. Getting links from hub pages is important because these links show search engines that your website is related to a particular topic.

the new backlink hub finder

The hub finder helps you to find easy link targets

If you want to get high rankings for keywords that are related to your business, search engines must classify your website correctly. With the hub finder tool you will:

  1. The hub finder tool finds websites that are very likely to link to your site.
  2. The hub finder tool makes sure that your website is in the correct co-citation context.
  3. The hub finder tool improves the search engine rankings of your site.

What’s new in the hub finder?

We have made many improvements to the link hub finder:

  • The Hub Finder is now much faster than before: you get results in seconds instead of minutes.
  • The Hub Finder now finds many more hub sites, usually 2-3 times more than before.
  • The hub sites now are sorted by Link Influence Score (LIS).
  • We also check if the hub sites also link to your site.
  • You can download all of the hub sites as a CSV file in a new and improved format.

Fully integrated with the link manager

Like all other link building tools in SEOprofiler, the hub finder is fully integrated with the link manager in SEOprofiler. The link manager helps you to build backlinks as efficiently as possible.

Click the ‘Add’ link next to a link to add a page to the link manager. The link manager will automatically retrieve the contact information of the page so that you can quickly contact the owner of the linking website and ask for a change of the anchor text.

Add to link manager

Test the hub finder tool now

The hub finder is one of the easiest ways to get new links to your website. If you haven’t done it yet create your SEOprofiler account now and try the hub finder risk-free:

Try the hub finder risk-free!

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