How cool is that? A new version of!

We have just released a new version of (OLP). OLP is a free backlink analysis tool that enables you to get a detailed overview of the backlink profile of any website. The new version offers even more great features than the previous version.

What exactly is is a link analysis tool that offers free access to data for which other companies charge high fees:

  • You can download 100,000 links per website for free.
  • There is no request limit (free account necessary).
  • It works with any website.
  • You can sort and filter the results to find particular links quickly and easily.
  • You can get email notifications when new links are discovered.

What’s new in

Although the first version of is just about one and a half month old, the new version offers many improvements:

  • Many more filters that make it even easier to find particular links.
  • If requested, the analysis will only show links from unique domains.
  • As requested by users, the database now stores active backlinks that have been found during the last 90 days.
  • The link analysis now shows the date on which the linking website added the link.

No other link analysis tool offers that many powerful filters:

powerful filters

You can sort the links by link influence score, industry, category, age, nofollow and dofollow, page title, anchor text, top level domain, words in domain, etc. If you haven’t done it yet, try now:

Try now

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