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  • High rankings for the right keywords can lead to many more sales. Which positions on Google’s result pages are the most lucrative positions and how can SEOprofiler help you to find the best opportunities for your site?

    No surprise: it’s important to be on the first result page

    About 95% of all clicks go to web pages that are listed on the first result page. If your website is not listed on the first page, most people won’t see it. The following image shows the click distribution on the first result page:

    Click distribution of first search result page

    The position makes a big difference

    The first search results gets 43.27% of all clicks. The 10th result just gets 2.23% of all clicks. If there are 100,000 searches per month for a keyword, the first web page will get 43,270 visitors and the web page that is listed on position 9 will only get 2,230 visitors.

    If you can get your web page from position 9 to position 3 in the search results, your page will get 4.45 times the number of visitors. This usually means that you will also get 4.45 times the number of sales through that keyword.

    Find the best opportunities for your website

    The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to find keywords that could deliver many more visitors to your site. You will get the keywords for which your website could get the first position, in the top 3 results or on the first result page:

    By focusing on these keywords, you can invest your time as efficiently as possible. To increase the rankings of your web pages for a keyword, just click the ‘Top 10′ button next to a keyword to get detailed and individual instructions.

    Do you want $3.500 or $1.000? You choose.

    For example, if a targeted keyword delivers 400 visitors and 10 of these visitors buy something on your website with a total profit of $1000 for you, then the average visitor is worth $2.50 to your business ($1000/400).

    If your website is currently listed on position seven for that keyword than you can get 3.5 times more visitors if you get your site to position three. That means that you would earn $3.500 instead of $1.000. Improve the rankings of many keywords and you will multiply your sales.

    SEOprofiler helps you to multiply your sales

    Use the opportunities panel in the ranking monitor to find the keywords that can deliver many more visitors and sales to your website. Then optimize your pages with the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler.

    If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now:

    Create your free SEOprofiler account now!

    Please tell your friends and colleagues about SEOprofiler and click one of the following buttons:


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