Google’s Matt Cutts: there is no more 100 links per page limit

In a video on YouTube, Google’s Matt Cutts explained that they dropped the 100 links per page limit. This limit was mentioned in Google’s technical guidelines but they removed that limitation.

For example, a page like has many links but Google does not penalize the site because the website and the links are okay.

A page can have too many links

Matt Cutts also said that Google reserves the right to take action on a site if a website looks spammy and has many links on a single page. For that reason, it’s still better to limit the number of links on a page.

Matt Cutts also explained that the PageRank power of the linking website is distributed to the linked page. If a page links to three pages, the PageRank is split into three parts. If a page has 100 links, each linked page will get only a 100th of the PageRank power.

You can view the full video here:

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