Google’s John Mueller: we’ll update Panda and Penguin data faster

In a webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that Google is trying to update the Panda and Penguin data faster:

“We are working on updates there. I don’t have any time frames at the moment but I know the team is working on that. I know it is frustrating, if you’ve worked a lot on your web site already to clean up these issues.

The same applies to Penguin as well. Where maybe you cleaned up a lot of web spam issues and you are just waiting for things to kind of open up again.

And that is something we are definitely working on to kind of update that data again to make it a little bit faster.

The last official updates were in September 2014 (Panda) and October 2014 (Penguin). There haven’t been any updates to these algorithms during the last few months. You can see the statement here:

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