Google’s John Mueller: our algorithm doesn’t care about website ownership

In a webmaster hangout on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that Google does not downrank good websites just because they are owned by the same people who own other spammy websites.

It’s okay as long as the websites are not linked

A webmaster said that his website about stone crabs was downranked for no obvious reason. When he asked for help in a webmaster forum, people told him that his website was downranked because he also owned a website about car buying tips.

Google’s John Mueller said that this wasn’t a problem:

“If we see a website and it’s [a] well interlinked set of sites that are all problematic, then that might be something [problematic], or [the] algorithm goes ‘Oh, we’ve got to be careful here. All of these websites are problematic, so maybe this new website that’s also part of this set.’

But if if it’s a matter of these websites just being on the same server, with the same owner, that’s that’s usually not a problem.

It’s also generally more of a problem when it goes into the direction of doorway pages. Where maybe you’re creating a new website for hundreds of different cities across the country. And essentially all these pages are the same, like all of the websites are the same. And that’s something where our algorithms might say well this doesn’t look like a lot of value for for us.”

If you link your unrelated websites then this can cause problems if one of these websites is spammy. You can view the video here:

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