Google’s John Mueller: how to implement hreflang for Google’s mobile first algorithm

On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the hreflang attribute should be configured as mobile-to-mobile and desktop-to desktop. The hreflang attribute is used for language and regional URLs.

What is the hreflang attribute?

Many websites serve users from around the world with content translated or targeted to users in a certain region. Google and other search engines uses the rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” attributes to serve the correct language or regional URL in Search results.

Twitter user Aleyda Solis posted a chart to clarify what should be done for the mobile-first index:

Responsive websites work best

John Mueller also said that you don’t have to worry about this if your website uses responsive website design:

If Google can index your web pages correctly, your website will get better rankings. The tools in SEOprofiler can help you to to this:

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