Google: we take action against rich snippet spam

In a webmaster hangout, a person who works in Google’s rich snippet team said that Google takes action on rich snippet spam:

“I’ve seen a lot of [rich snippet] spam reports and in my experience […] whenever it’s clearly a violation of our guidelines we definitely take action. So it’s not like they get lost or it’s not like nobody looks at [the spam reports]. […]

[Spam reports are] a source of finding out about of ways how people are either intentionally or maybe accidentally doing stuff that might be a bit a beyond our guidelines. And definitely, let’s say if you find certain spam reports and you still are really strongly believing that there’s something wrong and you see nothing is happening that would also be an interesting case, maybe to flag on the webmaster forum. You just bring it to our attention again so we can have another see what was happening.”

You can view the video here:

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Tom Cassy

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