Google: you need an expert for YMYL pages

Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout that it should be clear that the content on your web pages is written by an expert if you have a YMYL website.

YMYL websites

What are YMYL websites?

A YMYL (your money, your life) web page is any page that can affect someone’s financial stability, health, safety, or happiness. Many websites can be YMYL websites:

  • Shopping or financial transaction pages
  • Financial information pages (investments, taxes, retirement planning, home purchase, paying for college, buying insurance, etc.)
  • Medical information pages (health, drugs, specific diseases or conditions, mental health, nutrition, etc.)
  • Legal information pages (divorce, child custody, creating a will, becoming a citizen, etc.)
  • Web pages that include information about local/state/national government processes, policies, people, and laws; disaster response services; government programs and social services
  • Other topics such as child adoption, car safety information, etc.

Google says that you need an expert

John Mueller said that you start on a ‘shaky foundation’ if you are writing about a YMYL topic that you are not an expert on:

“It’s something where if you’re already saying they know a lot about this but they’re not experts then that is already kind of a shaky foundation […]

That’s something where it makes sense for them to work and to put together some real expert content where it’s clear to anyone who’s reading those pages that actually this information is correct and it’s trustworthy. It’s something that an expert has written or an expert has reviewed.

And accordingly it’s essentially something that anyone can take and forward to their friends and say ‘this is kind of something to watch out for’ or something important that you should read on this topic.”

You can view the video here:

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