Google: you cannot opt-out of mobile-first indexing

Google’s John Mueller said in a video on YouTube that you cannot opt-out of mobile-first indexing:

“Mobile-first indexing is the process of indexing websites using a smartphone like user agent. We started working on this a few years ago because we noticed most users are now using smartphones.

Mobile-first indexing is separate from mobile friendliness. Even sites that don’t have a mobile version at all can be indexed fine with a mobile Googlebot. […]

We don’t plan to provide an opt-in or opt-out for this kind of indexing.”

You can view the video here:

What do you have to do now?

Mobile-fist indexing is separate from mobile friendliness. If Google’s mobile-first crawler indexes your web pages then your web pages won’t get high rankings in Google’s mobile search results if they aren’t mobile friendly.

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