Google: your website can benefit from links in a different language

A webmaster asked Google’s John Mueller if the English content on his website will benefit from German links that point to the site, and if the German content on his website will benefit from the English links to the site. Here’s John Muellers reply:

“If this is one website and you have different kinds of content and some kinds of links, then that’s something where the website will grow in value over time as you gain links, as you gain popularity […]

The main thing I would watch out for there is really making sure you put these German and English content on separate URLs so you don’t have one URL with both German and English maybe side by side, but really separate URLs for each language. […]

I don’t see a problem with [links in a different language]. I think that’s perfectly fine, that’s not something you’d need to artificially channel to an English version of the page or anything like that. That’s perfectly fine. That kind of situation happens all the time.

You also have that between different versions of your own website, so if you have an English version of the content and a Romanian version you’ll probably have a link back and forth saying this is the English version and this is the Romanian version, it’s perfectly fine.”

When you build links to your website, you can also consider related websites in different languages. The link building tools in SEOprofiler will help you to find link opportunities in many different countries.

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Tom Cassy

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