Google updates mobile-first indexing best practices

Google has announced an update to their mobile-first indexing best practices on Twitter:

Google: new mobile-first indexing best practices

What is new?

There are a few changes compared to the previous version of the guidelines. Most of the recommendations are obvious:

  • The mobile version and the desktop version of your website should have the same content.
  • Your pages should be crawlable.
  • Invisible elements such as meta robots and structured data should be the same for desktop and mobile.
  • If you use structured data on mobile pages, the URLs should point to mobile pages.
  • Use high quality images and the same img alt texts on mobile and desktop.
  • Ensure that hreflang implemantation and canonical attributes are correct.

If you have a mobile website, Google will ignore your desktop website. Google’s John Mueller confirmed this on Twitter:

Optimize your website for mobile

Google’s John Mueller keeps telling webmasters and Google that they should use responsive website design to create their mobile websites.

Theoretically, you could have dedicated mobile pages (for example on an subdomain). However, John Mueller strongly recommends avoiding dedicated mobile pages because they make things too complicated.

Having one responsive website that works with mobile and desktop is the best option.

Mobile SEO tools

SEOprofiler offers mobile SEO tools that help you to get better rankings in the search results for mobile devices. You also get SEO audits for mobile websites:

Optimize for mobile

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