Google: you need an update to recover from a Penguin penalty

Google’s Penguin update penalized websites that had unnatural links. Even if you removed all of the bad backlinks, you still have to wait for Google’s next algorithm update. Otherwise, your website won’t recover.

Google’s John Mueller has just confirmed this in an online discussion:

“Assuming the issues are resolved in the meantime, with an update of our algorithm or its data, it will no longer be affecting your site.”

The last Penguin update was nearly a year ago. It seems that Google is working on a new Penguin updates but there haven’t been any official confirmations.

It’s better to avoid penalties

If you do not spam Google, your website won’t be penalized. Avoid spammy optimization methods that can get your website in trouble: automatically created backlinks, cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc.

If you want to get high rankings that last, better use white-hat SEO methods that play by the rules. The tools in SEOprofiler only use optimization methods that play by the rules. That means that your website will be safe from Google penalties.

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Tom Cassy

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