Another Google update on 27 April 2012

Google has confirmed another update to the Panda algorithm. According to Google, the update was published on April 27th, and it was a limited update that did not affect many sites. The previous Panda algorithm update was on April 19th.

During the last three weeks, Google has released at least three algorithm updates. Two of them targeted low quality websites (the Panda updates), one of them targeted web spam (the Penguin update).

What does this mean to your website rankings?

If your website does not contain much content, or if the content of your website has been created automatically, it will become much more difficult to get high rankings on Google.

Spam techniques that used to help websites to rank higher in Google’s results also don’t work anymore. If you used paid or automatically created links to promote your site, chances are that these links will damage the rankings of your website and you should try to get rid of these links.

Don’t try to cheat search engines

If you’re serious about your website, you shouldn’t try to cheat search engines. If you want rankings that last, better use safe SEO methods that Google does not find offensive.

The tools in SEOprofiler only use white-hat SEO methods that play by the rules. You will get high rankings that last.

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