Google: structured data does not help you with E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness)

Using structured data on your website to display author information does not increase the E-A-T score that your web page gets. Structured data is not a ranking signal. It just helps Google to find content on your web pages.

Structured data and E-A-T

“[Adding structured data to your web page] is up to you.

We do try to recognize these additional details […] about the author information, about the reviewers, about the the website overall, through a number of ways […] similar to how users would see it if they go to the page […]

If it’s just hidden away in structured data then that’s not very useful for users because users tend not to use ‘view source’ when looking at a page to determine whether or not they should trust it.”

You can view the video here:

Only use structured data when it makes sense

Only use structured data when it makes sense. Only enter information in structured data code that also exists on the web page. Anything else might trigger Google’s spam filters.

Use the Rich Results Creator tool in SEOprofiler to create structured markup code, and use the website audit tool in SEOprofiler to check structured data code on your web pages:

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