How to find out with which result types your web pages are listed on Google

Is your website listed with a featured snippet on Google’s result pages? Are you sure? Is your website listed with sitelinks? Can your website be found in the image results? Knowing how your website is ranked on Google will help you to improve your web pages so that you get more conversions.

Google’s different result types

Google (and other search engines) have many different result types on their search result pages. In addition to the regular results (blue link with a short description) there are many different result types:

Some different result types on Google

For example, there are sitelinks results, featured snippet results, local results, image results, news results, etc. If you want to know with which result types your web pages are listed on Google’s result pages, the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler can help you.

How to check your keyword rankings

Just enter the keywords that you want to monitor on the page ‘Monitored keywords’ in the Ranking Monitor. You can choose a country and even a particular location from which you want to check your rankings.

The Ranking Monitor automatically checks the rankings of your web pages for these keywords, and it also checks the result types.

The results type with which a page is listed is displayed next to the keywords that you monitor:

Search result types on monitored keywords page

Aggregated stats for result types

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler also has aggregated stats for the result types:

Search result types aggregated stats

You can filter the aggregated results by location (up to city-level) and tag. The individual keyword results can be found on the page ‘Monitored keywords’ in the Ranking Monitor.

Impress your clients with custom reports

You can offer your clients web-based reports and PDF reports in your company design. The reports can use your own colors, your own company logo, and other custom elements:

create custom SEO reports

The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler and your clients won’t find out that SEOprofiler created the reports for you.

Check your rankings now

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler offers many more powerful features. SEOprofiler also offers tools for keyword research, web page optimization, competitive intelligence, link analysis, link building, website analytics, uptime monitoring, and much more:

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