Google: we might reject your disavow link files

In an online discussion, Google’s Eric Kuan said that Google might choose to reject your disavow links file:

A couple of additional tips that might help:

  • The disavow tool should be used primarily if you have done everything you can to remove an inorganic link and still cannot get the link removed. If you are primarily disavowing links and not trying to remove them, your reconsideration request may not be successful.
  • Double check your disavow file and make sure the link you mentioned is properly disavowed. You can download your latest Disavow file by going to the Disavow tool, clicking “Disavow Links”, and clicking “Download”.

As mentioned before, we recommend that you do not use Google’s disavow links tool. It is better to invest your time in white-hat SEO methods that will increase the position of your web pages on Google.

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