Google: Quality is a site-wide ranking signal

In a video on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that Google needs to understand the overall website. Google ranks single web pages but they also consider the quality of the website.

Google ranking signals

“We would probably see a mix. So on the one hand we do index things page by page, we rank things page by page but there’s some signals that we can’t reliably collect on a per page basis where we do need to have a bit of a better understanding of the overall site. And quality kind of falls into that category.

So in a case where you’re significantly improving the quality of one page of a website then that does help that one page to improve a bit in ranking but kind of the overall effect of the whole website’s quality that’s something that takes a bit of time and where we really have to see that okay overall all of these things have changed. So kind of like more than just that one page. And then we can kind of see that website as a whole as being a little bit better with regards to quality.”

You can view the video here.

How to optimize your website

According to John Mueller, Google uses both page level signals and website level signals to rank web pages in the search results.

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