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  • Google penalizes another link network

    Last month, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that he was “taking a look at a naughty Russian link selling software”:

    Matt Cutts on Twitter

    Discussions on black-hat forums indicate that the Russian link network SAPE links has been penalized by Google. Webmaster who used this network indicate that their website rankings have been downgraded. This wouldn’t be the first time that Google penalized a link network.

    The risk of using link networks

    Black hat websites are full of services and tools that sell link packages. For example, one website sells 400 one-way backlinks for $798. The package includes a number of Facebook Likes and Google +1 clicks. There are many similar networks.

    During the last months, Google has penalized many link networks and you should avoid these networks at any costs if you want to get high rankings that last. Google has made it very clear that they are against link networks and paid link techniques.

    Just use common sense: if you can find the link network, Google can find it, too.

    Short sighted SEO techniques vs. real search engine optimization

    If you use link networks, paid links and other spam methods to promote your website, your website will get high rankings for some time but you will get major problems as soon as Google detects your methods:

    If you use search engine optimization methods that play by the rules, it will take a little longer until your website gets high rankings. Fortunately, these rankings will last for much longer:

    Use safe search engine optimization tools and get rankings that last

    SEOprofiler only uses safe SEO methods that play by the rules. If you haven’t done it yet, create a free trial account or get an unlimited full account for $1 (this offer is available once per customer:

    Free trial Test full version for $1

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    2 comments on “Google penalizes another link network

    1. Backlinks Directory on said:

      Good to ear the message against the culprits who spreads spam and make the paid members benefits. It will affect the Self Made SEOs like me. Who works a lot and after step by step research and trial getting PRs and Organic visitors. The Paid members getting all at once from the So Called SEOs who sells information and Google PageRank

    2. Hello
      This is a good move by Matt Cutt again but I have a confusion which I think most of the seo beginners might have.
      If I dont do social bookmarking, directory submission, article submissions, blog commenting, then how I will get backlinks for my newly launched site. How people will know that I have a site that have some relevant and good information about my services.
      If I just create wedding videos, my site will be having mostly videos, not much text then how google will show my site to the visitors who really need that info?
      Google is just penalizing or nullifying all seo methods, but they are not telling WHAT SHOULD WE DO?


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