Google: more information about the hreflang attribute

Some days ago, Google’s John Mueller said that Google can figure out different languages without the hreflang attribute. In a forum discussion on Reddit, he added that having the wrong hreflang attribute can be worse than having no hreflang attribute at all:

“If hreflang isn’t valid (non-indexed pages linked, invalid language codes) then it’s ignored & the same as not having it at all (this is on a per-hreflang-link basis, so if some are ok, they’ll work).

If the hreflang is between the wrong pages (eg the English ‘Fish’ page is connected to the Spanish ‘Chicken’ page), then that would probably be worse than not having hreflang set up at all.”

If you have a multilangual website that targets different countries, you should take a closer look at the hreflang attribute. Otherwise, it’s better to ignore it.

Check your web pages for the hreflang attribute

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