Google: the mobile-first rollout is unrelated to the latest ranking algorithm update

In a webmaster hangout on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that the mobile-first indexing rollout had nothing to do with Google’s recent ranking algorithm update.

He also said that the mobile-first indexing rollout is still happening. He said that the rollout should be fairly smooth, i.e. you shouldn’t see many ranking changes:

“In general overall [the mobile first rollout] should be fairly smooth. But I I believe they only started rolling this out like I don’t know this today, tomorrow, this week sometime. And not before the blog post went live. […]

We already had some sites rolled over to mobile first indexing. This is just a next bigger batch of sites that is happening. The plan is also to send the messages through Search Console. I believe they’re behind there, so it might be some sites over this week and send them a message next week or something like that. But in general you should get a message for that. […]

My guess is that [Google’s recent ranking algorithm update] is unrelated to the mobile first indexing change.”

You can view the video here:

What should you do now?

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