Google: link velocity is not important, it’s the quality of the links that matters

Does it matter if your website suddenly gets 200 links on a single day? Is the rate of link acquisition a ranking factor or a spam signal? Google’s John Mueller answered these questions in a webmaster hangout on YouTube.

link velocity

What is link velocity?

Link velocity is a term that was coined several years ago. It refers to the rate at which a website acquires link from other websites.

Some webmasters think that getting links too fast might trigger a spam penalty from Google.

Can you build links too fast?

A webmaster asked John Mueller if it was possible to build links too fast:

“If I build 200 backlinks in two days and didn’t perform any link building for years – will Google still see this as black axe and penalize me? What about link velocity?”

John Mueller said that the question indicates that the webmaster is going to spam Google, which might not be a good idea. He also said that the link building rate doesn’t matter:

“If you’re jumping in with a question like this and you’re saying ‘I am going to get 200 backlinks in two days’, then that sounds a lot like you’re not getting natural backlinks.

That sounds a lot like you’re going off and just buying them, or having someone buy them for you. And that itself would be the thing that we would not be happy with.

It’s not so much a matter of how many links you get in which time period. It’s really just ‘well, if these are links that are unnatural or from our point of view problematic, then they would be problematic. It doesn’t really matter how many or in which time.”

It can be perfectly fine to get many links in a short time period. For example, a website might get covered by the media and it might attain sudden popularity through other ways. This is not a spam signal.

You can view the video here:

How to check the quality of your links

It’s no secret that high quality links have a much bigger impact on the rankings of your web pages than low quality links. Spam links can have a negative impact on your rankings if it’s obvious that you actively built these spam links.

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You can filter the links by website, by category, by keywords, and by many other link elements. The Link Disinfection tool in SEOprofiler shows you the links that can have a negative impact on the rankings of your website.

Optimize the links that point to your website

Links are an important ranking signal. The SEO tools in SEOprofiler help you to optimize the links that point to your website:

Check your links

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